Rohit Graak

Residential Sales

It is wise to ensure you are partnered with an Agent whom has your absolute best interests at heart and is committed to achieving sales success for you - and that is exactly what you will have with Rohit as a part of your Sales Team.

With experience in dealing with a huge variety of customers, and sales techniques learned from multiple industries, Rohit is well versed in negotiations and the effective use of conversation to have buyers wanting your property ahead of others.

Together with the support, marketing power and trusted brand recognition of City Realty, you will find that Rohit is able to create or grow your wealth for you while you sit back with peace of mind knowing that you have a highly motivated, passionate and professional agent in your corner.

Energetic, polite, considerate and knowledgeable - Rohit is certainly representative of the new breed of Real Estate Agents emerging and would love for you to reach out to him for an Appraisal on your home!

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