Savang Wong

Savang Wong

Savang Wong brings a level of enthusiasm and energy for property which can not only not be ignored but also translates into bringing buyers to the table and getting the best result possible for you and your properties.

With over 10 years’ experience in the industry covering all aspects of real estate including established residential sales, land sales and medium to high density project sales, the tricks and tactics for negotiating with buyers have been well and truly mastered.

Matched with a high level of interpersonal skills, strong endeavour to build and grow relationships and wealth for clients, and the ability to work closely with Developers and understand their ultimate goals, Savang is certainly the agent you want by your side in order to achieve ultimate success.

In Project Sales specifically, Savang has in depth experience stemming from 10 years of skill refinement and results based performance, including bringing projects from the initial strategic planning stage, through to a successful launch, sale and closeout of the project post construction.

Known to many in the Industry already and with the backing of City Realty’s strong business reputation, network and systems – there’s no better starting point for you than with Savang Wong.