How to pay your rent

The front page of your lease agreement has all the details for your rent payments, if you can’t find them please contact us for a copy of the agreement.

Most of our tenants pay their rent calendar monthly, by electronic funds transfer.  When you become a City Realty tenant you will be given a unique tenant reference code to use when making transfers so that we can easily identify the rent payments for each tenant. 

Your rent must be paid in advance as per details on your lease agreement.  We do not tolerate rent arrears and part of keeping you on track with your rental payments involves daily phone calls, text messages and email reminders from us. 

If, for some reason, you believe that you will be late with your rent, always contact us and let us know so that we know what is going on. 

There are some tenants that are continually late with payments, if we have a tenant this is consistently behind, despite all of our efforts, we will recommend to the landlord that the lease not be renewed. 


REMEMBER: ensure your rent is paid on time every time and you are most likely to get a great tenant reference at the end of your tenancy with City Realty.