Information For New Landlords



Please provide us with three full sets of keys and keep another for yourself or your contact.



A well presented property attracts good tenants.  It is important to present the property clean and carpets steam cleaned.  It is a good idea to attend to minor repairs, tidy the grounds (if applicable) and remove rubbish.   We can help arrange for any cleaning and maintenance to be done prior to tenancy if you would like us to arrange this.



Have any overdue services attended to and ensure filters are clean eg: air conditioners, heaters, water softeners, hot water services, washing machines, etc.



Leave manufacturer’s instructions and other useful information appropriate to your property eg: instructions for air conditioning, strata rules, etc and list them on the inventory.


Advise your insurance company or broker that the property is being rented and review your total insurance situation. 

We strongly recommend all owners have Landlord Protection Insurance and we can recommend Terri Scheer Insurance, which we can arrange (see attached brochure).


Where appropriate advise the neighbours that we are managing your property.



Arrange final readings for the electricity, gas and phone, etc in your name at the appropriate time, ie when the property is let.


Please supply us with a complete inventory (if applicable) of the property including, where possible, make and model numbers of appliances, this is very helpful if they need repairing. 


If you would like us to pay your regular accounts eg. Council, Water, Revenue SA and Strata (if applicable) please provide us with a copy of these accounts and we can arrange for the invoices to be sent to us.